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How long does it take to receive the elopement/wedding photos?

Do most of your clients meet you in person before booking?

It takes around 4-8 weeks to receive your online gallery to share with family and friends and approximately four months to receive your USB and Album via mail (depending how fast you select your photos).

All my clients that want to book me have to go through some sort of communication process either phone | Skype | Whatsapp. We want to meet you because part of my client experience is making sure that we totally get along so that you feel more at ease on your day. Anyone that wants to meet in person can also do so near a Starbucks near my home office.

We are super awkward, and one of us hates to get our photo taken? How do you deal with that?

How much time do you need for photos on your elopement/wedding?

Elopements vary in the sense that you can have a simple city hall elopement that only require 2 hours, to a city elopement that has a ceremony, a cool outing and a small family gathering at a cool restaurant that might need a full day. You might also want to travel to a location, and that might take a day or longer. All my packages for weddings and elopements are based on half day and full day coverage.

So a half day package would work for short elopements/wedding and a full day one for up to 10.

We tell our couples that our sessions are like hanging out with me but with photos. You don't need to like photos to get incredible photos, all you gotta do is love each other. I will be taking you somewhere unique, doing prompts instead of posing you so that the sessions feels more fun, animated and real rather than super stiff. We also encourage our clients to choose off-beat location or adventure- that way their session is more about them than the actual location.

My wedding/elopement is outside of St. Catharines, what are the transportation fees?

Do you shoot polaroid? I thought that was not available anymore.

I current print the polaroid photos after your wedding celebration! So that I can focus on the day and select the best images for you. You still get cool tangible polaroids and I get to be able to focus on creating the best images ever.

My packages are priced already based on location. So that means what you pay already includes travel fees to certain areas. That is based from my home office in St. Catharines ON.

How far in advance do you recommend planning an elopement?

Do I need an officiant for an elopement?

So elopements because of their uniqueness can be whatever you want. To be legally married, you do need an officiant that is able to fill and send your marriage papers to the Ontario government. You will also need 2 witnesses for the marriage to be legal as well. I can act as one and hire another if needed if you don't have anyone. *This varies per province and abroad.

You can also opt out of having an officiant if you don't want to be married by law. Couples can live and have a happy life by just being common law. So for you, elopement might mean doing a vow exchange or just celebrating with friends and family. You can also get married ahead of time for the papers and do the ceremony when you want!

Elopements can be planned in a week for something simple, or over a year for an adventure elopement in Guatemala. We recommend anything with travel plans outside the country to plan with 6 months or more in advance and for adventure elopements in Ontario with 3 months of more.

How can you hike with wedding attire?

Can we do hair and makeup?

Duh! 100% Most couples that do a hike get their hair and makeup done in the morning. Sometimes you can also bring your hair and makeup person or bring at least things to touch up on the location. Not all adventure or hike elopements require a TON of hiking. Sometimes its more of a drive and a short hike. So yes, get it done if you want to look and feel glam!

No one hikes in wedding attire. It is uncomfortable, sometimes bulky and not safe depending on where your outdoor elopement might be. Most elopements that require a hike, you will change either in your car or on the location in open air. This is fine as usually there are no people or you can find a bush that you can do it. People carry the wedding and suit usually hanging from the backpacks or packed nicely inside.

My clients are like my beautiful works of art that I want to showcase through my art of photography.

I want you to feel good during your wedding and sessions. And if that means playing some indie or party latino music, getting you pumped, handing you a cold one, and literally dancing together to get you going, let's go! I am here are you number 1 fan to cheer you on, make you comfortable and increase that dopamine.


Let's create some art together! I am ready to take you both on, it would be an honour.



We had Khristel do our engagement and wedding photos, and she was nothing less than amazing!!! So friendly and professional, whilst also being direct. She makes you feel super comfortable and gets all the shots you want, but you'll barely even notice her. Not only did she capture us (the couple) perfectly, but she also got plenty of photos of our family and friends which is super important to us.



Khristel did such an amazing job, no words could express what a pleasure she really was to work with! She was kind, caring, funny and knew just what to do with my easily distracted 3 and 4 year old. From a winter engagement
shoot right after an ice storm to the ceremony shoot in Jamaica, she perfectly captured the details of our wedding. She even climbed over to a rock in the ocean to get another one of her absolute perfect shots!! She really captured the emotions throught the wedding and was more than accommodating for us. She let me borrow sunglasses and even put sunscreen for me when I asked her to! She's got a heart of gold and certainly goes above and beyond.



There are not enough good things we could say about Khristel. She really made the effort to get to know us, and the photos reflected our personalities perfectly. From the engagement shoot up until the wedding day, she was flexible, prompt, made us feel comfortable, and was AMAZING.

She is truly talented, and we have (and will continue to) recommend her to EVERYONE. Thank you so much Khristel!






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