Tobermory Adventure Sessions | September 13-15 2019

This is where we will be doing the sessions at Halfway Log Point! Gorgeous location with beautiful cliffs, turquoise waters, and lovely woods.

We will be doing Adventure Sessions on the weekend of September 13-15 2019. What does this mean! We get to do some amazing exploring, check out new scenery and most of all get some epic photos at an amazing location. Cliffs… Yaaaasss! Turquoise Water….definitely! Forests galore…why not!

What does it include:

  • Two-hour epic adventure session with me! Your tour guide, photo expert and the fun-time gal that will make you look amazing!
  • Set of 10 Instax Mini
  • Instax Mini Photo Album
  • Use of either a floral crown or bouquet by Jamilah Florals (handmade silk bouquet that looks incredibly realistic and absolutely stunning)
  • Online Gallery with the ability to download and print anywhere! No watermarks!
  • 90 Amazing Digital Images
  • You save a ton on travel fees!

What do you have to lose, besides having your breath taken away? The Tobermory area offers one of the most beautiful and scenic locations within Ontario and close enough to Toronto for us city folks to come visit. This area is a host of numerous scenic cliffs and beautiful water spots. This makes photos extremely picturesque and romantic. Perfect location for adventure sessions if you ask me!

Pricing- Our Favourite Subject

The price is hella amazing. You get a ton of goodies and you save a ton on travel fees! So take advantage of the one weekend a year I do these.

$500 +hst

Starry Night Photo Add-On

$200+ hst

Available only for Sunrise or Sunset Sessions at Halfway Log Point. These are done at Dawn pre-session or Twilight post-session. Estimate an additional hour or more for waiting for the right time as it has to be dark enough to see the stars. The waiting is long but the photos- well you will print them on canvas I guarantee.

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Check the available times below and contact us to book your session!


Friday September 13: Grotto and Halfway Log Point

The Early Morning| 6:00 am | Halfway Log Point

The Mid Morning | 10:00 am | Halfway Log Point

The Late Afternoon | 4:15 pm | The Grotto

The Sunset | 6:30 pm | The Grotto

Saturday September 14: Halfway Log Point

The Early Morning| 6:00 am | Halfway Log Point

The Mid Morning | 10:00 am | Halfway Log Point

The Mid Afternoon | 2:00 pm | Halfway Log Point

The Sunset | 6:00 pm | Halfway Log Point

Sunday September 15: Halfway Log Point

The Early Morning| 6:00 am | Halfway Log Point

The Mid Morning | 10:00 am | Halfway Log Point

The Mid Afternoon | 2:00 pm | Halfway Log Point

The Sunset | 6:00 pm | Halfway Log Point


How do I book?

Booking is easy! Send us a message through the contact form, and we will create a contract and send you an invoice with a 25% booking fee that you can pay with your credit card. Easy peasy!

I want to do the Grotto during Sunrise or on Saturday. Why can’t we do it?

The grotto is a beautiful location however it is also extremely busy. The grotto is also accessible using TIMED SLOTS. That is why I only recommend it for weekdays. I am only able to do two sessions on Friday during the 4:30-830pm timed slots at the Grotto.

Also, Halfway Log Point is an amazing location with beautiful cliffs just as nice if not nicer than the Grotto. It is also more remote and has fewer people.

How do I book the timed Grotto Slots?

As of 2019, you are able to book your timed Grotto slots online! This makes it super easy to get timed slots but also they book out fast! I recommend as soon as you book your session to book the Grotto Time Slot here: https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/on/bruce/activ/experiences/grotto/parking

Parking fee: 11.60$ + $6 online

What is the weather going to be like on that weekend?

Average weather is around 10 degrees Celsius. Perfect for hiking, nice and crisp so we don’t get super sweaty. Keep in mind that by the water it can be a bit chilly if it's windy. If it is rainy I recommend we embrace the weather and get some awesome shots regardless! I do not refund if the weather does not cooperate. But don’t worry! Rain tends to make shoots super romantic.

How far is the walk from the parking lot to nature?

We are in nature fairly immediately, however, the more breathtaking portions of the hike are about 1-2 km away from the parking lot. Depending on the location it will be less or more. For the second Grotto location time, we will be meeting at the Grotto due to the more limited time.

What should we wear?

A lot of these spots are fairly rugged and require proper hiking books. This is especially more so when hiking the cliffs and rocks. The worst that could happen is a slip and fall and that can be avoided by bringing proper gear. You can easily change to a different pair of shoes when we get to certain spots or embrace the hiking boots! Many couples wear casual wear, feel free to wear a dress or a bit more formal wear if desired. However, I recommend if it has some give. Lovely long dresses with tulle are gorgeous in the wind..

We are running late! Can we change our time?

Because these shoots are timed and you have a certain slot it is highly recommended you take your time to arrive at a certain location. We do not change times and we won’t go over the allotted time as this will affect other couple’s! If you feel you want more time contact me ahead of time and we can create a half day shoot for you. Or if you want to go to the Grotto during the weekend, we can schedule you for the entire grotto timed slot at an additional cost.

Is park entrance included in the price?

No. Park fees are your responsibility. You will have to pay at the entrance or at the self-pay entrance for those arriving after opening times.

Are there any travel fees?

All my travel fees are included in the price! In fact, normally I would charge an additional $600 to do an adventure session in this area. This is mainly due to the hotel stay, hours to travel there, gasoline and meals. So take advantage of this!

Do you book a hotel for us?

I do not book your accommodations if you want to stay in the area. I highly recommend you look into reserving a place to stay as soon as possible as many places book in advance. Here is a link to the Tobermory Tourism site that might help you get started! https://tobermory.com/do-see/where-to-stay

Options to stay are Hotels, Motels, Air BnB, Campgrounds, Cabins in Campgrounds. I will be staying at Lands End Campground in a small cabin!

Do you recommend any other places to see!

Of course, I do! Tobermory is an endless playground for people who love to hike, swim, kayak, cycle and more. My absolute fave through is Lion’s Head Provincial Park, Flower Pot Island, and Halfway Log Point.