Rouge Park. A park perfect for adventure elopements, adventure sessions, intimate weddings, and it’s literally just outside the city of Toronto. If you ever want to go hiking to explore this area, I highly recommend it. There are tons of trails and beautiful little spots where you can feel like you are in the wilderness. This Rouge Park Engagement session feels just like that. Jess and Mark came together for an amazing little adventure and they brought their dog too. Again, I would like to reinforce this here: I LOVE DOGS. If any of you have any and want photos hit me up! I always want to do some pets.

So, if you ever want to do a rouge park engagement session or even want to just hike. Send me a message, I can give you tips and some amazing spots to explore. I love when sessions are not just a pretty park or the most beautiful place you can imagine, if it feels like a bit of you then we are on the right track for a genuine experience. Check the images below for this Engagement session!