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December 2, 2019

Let’s be real getting engaged and then planning a wedding is already a huge amount of work and stress. Not to mention doing an engagement session can also feel overwhelming! Well, I am here to guide you and let you know it is not that hard, and I am giving you my top 10 tips for preparing for an engagement session. If you follow these I am 100% sure your session will be great, look great and feel like you!

1. Location

We can shoot a couple or engagement session in a location, a park, home, town, forest, falls, rivers, you name it. However, when choosing a location for your engagement think about whether it has meaning to you. This could mean a place you proposed, your first dates, where you first met or a place you want to explore together you have talked about for months. We always find these sessions have more emotional impact than a session at a place without meaning that is just pretty. We love it when you get excited about where we are going! 

Engagement session at Western University- Mississauga Wedding Photographer

2. Be prepared to do silly things

My style revolves around the idea that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Will I get you to both look at the camera for a photo, sure, but most of the engagement session we will be doing games, activities, get you moving and some of these might seem silly but they turn out great! 

Christmas Market Engagement Session - Mississauga engagement photographer

3. Be prepared to have moments of reflection

I also like to try to create intimate moments for you. You know, the kind where you can see emotion and maybe even tears. These are moments I call, moments of reflection, where I get you to reflect on your relationship. It could feel awkward knowing that there is someone photographing you being extremely open and genuine to your partner, but if you go with it that results can feel quite special.  It is about mindset. 

Rouge Park Engagement Session- Mississauga Engagement Photographer

4. Clothing

Like locations, we can shoot your engagement session with whatever outfits you want wear. But we find some colours combinations work better than others. Mind you that might be different in varied situations. Most people tend to go with neutral tones: white, beige, browns, blues, grays, dark tones. These usually tend to work in most situations and look great!

Patterns can be a bit of a 50/50. Some patterns look great on camera others can look not as good.  It really depends on the pattern, to be honest! Finally, here is an example of a colour we can LOVE or HATE. Red. Red during summer can be a bit of a nightmare especially in locations with lots of greens during full sun. The mix of red and green light reflection on your face makes the editing quite hard and not look as good. The TYPE of red also is a big deal. Burgundy tends to photograph better than bright neon looking red. However, bright neon looking read with black elements might feel edgy and look great in the city. So again! Colours are not your enemy but just be wary that odd colours could affect the results. Just send us a message if you have questions! You can also bring more than one outfit if you are unsure!

Queen Street West Toronto Engagement Session - Mississauga Engagement Photographer

5. Hair and Makeup/Grooming

We highly recommend you get looking and feeling good! This could mean trimming your beard, gelling your hair, or making sure your hair has had a recent haircut! You can also do your makeup if that is something that makes you feel super glam! Or do your hair in curls or an updo! A lot of people get their hair and makeup trial for the engagement session so it doesn’t go to waste! We always find clients who feel good about how they look love their photos even more! 

Sunset Beach Vancouver Engagement Session - Destination Wedding Photographer

6. Season

Choosing your season is related to choosing your location. There is no right or wrong answer. Most sessions I find happen in Fall, and early summer. Winter and Spring also shouldn’t be just disregarded. Sessions during this time of the year can feel cozy, warm, and fun! Ice skating, indoor intimate session, indoor classes, cafes, snowball fights, are all options you can do! The sky is the limit. Some spots look super nice with snow! 

Cottage engagement session in Wasaga Beach- Wasage Wedding Photographer

7. Do an Activity!

Not all sessions need to feel rigid or be at a park. Why not do an activity! Activities can be from going axe throwing, doing a pottery class, painting class, a picnic, going boating, going snowshoeing or skiing. Do something that you both absolutely love doing together! Even Netflix and Chilling* Winky Face. These more informal sessions can turn out fun, playful, sexy and hella unique. 

Pier engagement session in North Vancouver - Destination Wedding PHotographer

8. Shoes

Depending on where we are doing the engagement session and what you want to wear, shoes can be also a bit of a hard decision. We recommend you wear a comfy pair and change when we get to the location if its a bit of a walk. That way you will feel as comfortable as you can! You can also wear comfortable shoes underneath long dresses, because why wear high heels if you want to be jumping together. 

Black and white photo of engagement couple's feet 2 - Mississauga Engagement Photographer

9. Weather

Depends on the time of year and weather, engagement sessions can feel like they are not gonna turn out well. You might say oh no it’s cloudy and rainy this sucks the photos are gonna turn out terrible. My biggest thing is for you to go with the flow. Sometimes weather can be a blessing and can make for a really interesting session. Obviously, there is the weather that not even I can shoot in ie. blizzard, hail, freak storms haha. But a little rain never hurt anyone and we always say let’s go and get some unique photos! 

Elora Gorge Engagement Session - Guelph Engagement Photographer

10. Be Yourself and Let yourself be

I don’t know about you but I hate feeling fake and pretending to be something I am not. So why would you do this during your engagement session? Our absolute biggest advice is to be yourself and let yourself shine. I know it’s not easy, a lot of us feel as if we are being pressured to taking photos. There is also one partner sometimes that just does not want any photos whatsoever. Maybe they feel awkward or hate being the centre of attention. And that is ok, that is why an engagement session with activities sometimes is a good choice. Usually, these are less prompted so they feel less invasive. We also want you to have an absolutely great time when you are being photographed by me. We chat about these things so that your session feels like you, and you feel excited about where we are going. So be free to be you, and let yourself shine. We promise its worth it! 

Hockey engagement session at Royal botanical gardens - hamilton engagement photographer
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