How long does it take to receive the wedding photos?

It takes around 6-12 weeks to receive your online gallery to share with family and friends and approximately two months to receive your USB via mail.

How long does it take to create an album and receive it?

After receiving your wedding photos you have up to 1 year to create and finalize the design with us.

On average it takes about 1-3 months to choose photos and design and two months after that to receive your album in the mail.

How long does it take to receive prints?

It takes one month to start your order, get the photos printed on canvas or regular prints, and to get them mailed to you.

How much time do you need for photos on your wedding day?

I highly recommend the 12 hour package. This covers everything from the getting ready to the end of the night, and makes your schedule more relaxed.

My wedding is outside of Toronto, ON, what are the transportation fees?

I cover 100 kilometers from my office in South Etobicoke. This generally covers the GTA, Halton Region and most of Southwestern Ontario counties. Weddings outside my area incur a 0.40 per km driven outside that radius.
If your wedding is over a 5 hour drive I prefer to fly (if possible). At which point the flight, one-two nights hotel, checked baggage, car rental, airport parking and meals ($15 per meal 3 times daily) must be covered.

What is a first look?

A first look is when a couple decides to meet or see each other before the ceremony. When I got married I thought doing that would ruin the surprise of seeing each other the first time at the ceremony. Looking back I wish I had done this when I got married.

A first look allows the bride and groom to be not stressed before the ceremony, and they enjoy a private moment together. The bride and groom do not have to play hide and seek before the ceremony. It also allows the wedding party and family to enjoy and arrive together at the reception. The best thing of all of this is being able to see each other alone, rather than in front of your guests; allowing you to share a moment before the ceremony begins. I highly recommend it!

How does the first look work?

In a similar way it’s like seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony, but just alone. It can be catered however you like. Some couples like to turn and see each other at the same time, others the bride walks from behind the groom. The possibilities are endless. During this time we take photos without interacting. After this moment we usually head out to do formal photos, and then family and wedding party photos.

Can you help out with creating a wedding day time line?

Of course I can! Just give me a call or email about what you want to fit in the day and I can let you know if that is too little time or too long of a time. The biggest stress is usually things not going on time, always give yourself extra!

What do I need from you to cover your day?

I will send you some forms for you to fill out that include addresses and numbers of important people, a group shot list, and a timeline that we create together or from your event planner.

I will also be sending you a PDF on how to prepare for your wedding day!

What are things to keep in mind for photos during our time line?

- Formal photography must end 30 minutes before the ceremony as guests begin to arrive. At this time I photograph the details of the ceremony, guests, and document what is happening in a less staged way.
- If you want your wedding flowers to be included in your formal photos they must be with us. This includes during the getting ready photos, the boutonnieres, the corsages and the flower bouquets have to be there.
- Make sure you ask about being able to photograph in certain locations. Some venues do not allow the bride and groom to head to the venue ahead of time and some venues don’t allow photography without a permit. Please ask in advance.
- I understand things can run late, however, anything longer than 10 minutes late we have to start cutting time for photography in some places. We might have to cut time for creative images to allow all the family photos to be covered. If everyone is on time, things will go smoothly.

I am doing a outdoor ceremony, what is the best time to do it?

Ideally, for the best photos, a ceremony should be end 1-2 hours before sunset. However, summer months the hours for that could be very late. The best thing if you are doing an outdoor ceremony is to have the altar or main area in a shaded area. This will allow any sun to be diffused creating lovely lighting instead of harsh shadows.

Do you shoot polaroid? I thought that was not available anymore.

I shoot with various instant cameras. You can choose which you want for you day. Each camera has their own quirks and style.
The original Polaroid camera has only 8 exposures and comes in colour or black and white film; however this one is much more experimental.
Fuji Wide and Fuji Mini are great cameras, both come with colour or black and white film. The photos are a bit more stable than Polaroid.