I am not the traditional boudoir studio. I believe that all bodies are beautiful. That means scars, stretch marks, foupas, roundness, thinness, colour, anything that we have been told that might be “too much”, “too ugly”, “not meant to be there”, “disgusting” is not. In fact, is those differences that make us beautiful.

For that reason, the only thing I remove from photographs are zits, blemishes, skin discolouration (redness, bruises), hair strands, etc. I do not remove anything that is part of your body, because queen, that part is a part of you. We need to celebrate it.



All my life I have struggled with body dysmorphia, binging, and well, feeling not beautiful enough. Men and people on the street never looked at me or told me I wasn’t pretty enough. I wasn’t thin enough. And that created a lot of issues for me. The media growing up told me I was never good enough. And I do not want to continue creating any insecurities for anyone.

These sessions are meant to make you feel good about yourself. And in order to do that you have to accept and embrace all of yourself. Trust me when I say that clients who have gone through this process end up seeing themselves in a different light. And if I were to make you look thinner, remove those scars or basically modify you, how can you then feel good knowing that really isn’t you?



My style is natural light. I use lighting to my advantage to accent your beauty, that is why my portfolio is varied in lighting. The editing style is the same but some places might be brighter or moodier than others. I do have a warm hue to my style which works with most body tones. I always edit to showcase my client’s gorgeous assets properly so not every image looks identical. However, they all have a similar feel.




Where do the sessions take place?

Are my photos shared with the world?

Because is session is custom, we select a location based on the look of the final images we want. So the world is your oyster! We can go anywhere we want for this! Places I have done sessions: Outside, Studios, Air-bnb, cabins, etc. I do boudoir sessions anywhere between Niagara Region, Hamilton and Toronto. Outside of that the sessions are custom priced.

No! Every person that you see on our portfolio pages have given permission for me to share. I do not share any photos unless you are okay with it. You are also able to select which images to share if you do not want to share the entire gallery. But from the get go, everything we do is kept private.

What should I wear?

How do you make me feel less awkward?

Part of my service is to help you figure out the right outfits for the vibe we want to capture. If you want a vintage/rockstar vibe then we definitely want maybe some crop top prints with matching undies or a sexy one-piece with a matching robe. It is my job to send you some mix and match outfits that might work with the wardrobe you might have or for you to be on the lookout for outfits based on our one-of-a-kind session plan. Once we nail that down when you come to the shoot we can curate it in person before.

Before our shoot and our consultation we discuss a playlist, I figure out your favorite drink and we decide on a cool idea based on your personality. With my kickass personality, my ability to pose you into gorgeous ways, combined trust me, it makes it easier. That doesn’t mean you won’t be nervous, it takes a lot of trust to get naked in front of someone you don’t know. But I hope with what I do ahead of time, it will help ease your anxiety and reduce any awkwardness.

How long does it take for me to get my photos?

Do you expect me to get fully naked in front?

It takes between two to four weeks for your boudoir session to be finished. We usually pre-schedule the boudoir reveal after your photo shoot is scheduled.

Boudoir sessions are meant to make you feel good, not stressed out. The level of comfort varies per person. Most people that come do a session, have well, never, even posed in front of undies in front of a stranger.

How I usually do these sessions is we start at your comfort level and we work towards reducing clothing. For example- we start with a tee and undies, and maybe the bodysuit is a little nerve-wracking. Once we shoot a bit on that we can work on getting you comfortable, and then we give it a go. If at any point you feel anxious and don’t want to do it, we can alter and get you in something that you are okay with.

I am a non-binary, trans, or male client? Am I able to do these?

Of course! I take pride in showcasing anyone that wants a boudoir session. I believe that everybody is beautiful and that means you as well. Feel free to contact me if you have any other concerns.