Ten Unique Winter Engagement Sessions

January 19, 2022
  1. Indoor Roller Skating

Head to an indoor rollerskating park for some cool photos. Escape the winter and get cozy, get dancing and get moving with your roller skates for some funky photos. 

  1. Indoor Go-Karts

Head to an indoor go-kart location and get competitive. Dress up as if you are going to the races, see who wins and create a unique memory. 

  1. Indoor Pottery Class

Connect with a pottery instructor and head over to do a pottery class. Maybe gift each other a vase, make one or be silly. The best part is that you create something unique and you get some beautiful intimate photos. 

  1. Paint each other 

Working on a home project? Why not paint for your session? You can also paint canvases or each other. Try and make it steamy if you want. 

  1. Sexy indoor session

Want to upgrade your session to a boudoir session? Why not? Let’s get super intimate and create some one-of-a-kind bougie and sexy images. 

  1. Outdoor Bonfire 

Embrace the cold and make a bonfire! Bonfire are a great way for you to stay warm but also have cozy photos making smores and snuggling by the snow. 

  1. Go Sledding Together

Enjoy the snow by sledding together! Head to your nearest hill and be playful and silly. Embrace the weather, have fun and create some great memories. 

  1. Go Snowshoeing

Let’s head to a provincial park to access that cool waterfall or that insane viewpoint. Some places are worth the hike and the snow makes for a superb backdrop. 

  1. Go Ice Skating

Head to your nearest pond or lake for a fun ice skating session. You heard me right, lets get moving and synchronize for a unique and fun session. Plus you get really nice backdrop! 

  1. Play in the Snow

Last but not least! Just head outside with the intention of playing with the snow. Throw snowballs, make snow angels, and get some beautiful photos with the winter landscape.