January 19, 2022

When you first get engaged you get all excited! The both of you are now on a journey that is all about the love that you have. As the wedding industry continues to develop, and brands like The Knot, Today’s Bride and others push you to go have a traditional wedding, it doesn’t have to be the case. However, it might not come to a surprise for many engaged couples that sometimes you have no idea what you want. As such I create this small tree to see where you might end up. From the get-go, you might want a full-on wedding with all your friends and family, but for others, it might not be the case.

So now you may come to a conclusion but hey I still want the big wedding or maybe you didn’t even consider eloping. The in-between of the two is an intimate wedding. Is the sort of I want a bit of everything, maybe a cool place but way less people kinda deal.

Intimate weddings can be anywhere between 10 and 80 people. I usually say 80 because you can get away with having a smaller event at a campground or at an Air BnB with around that many people. Intimate weddings are great, you can still do everything as a classic wedding celebration or you can also modify it to be more what you want. If you are nervous about being the centre of attention you can do the first look, you can do the ceremony with only your immediate family, or alone and then have a party. There are quite a bit of combinations you can do with an intimate wedding.

With elopements, the ideas are endless. By being able to just be the two of you (and maybe some witnesses if you are legally signing), you can literally have the world as your oyster in terms of location. You can keep it local like your city hall and then head to eat at your favorite restaurants, or you can book a cottage and have a day full of adventures. There really are no bounds!

If you ended up with a classic wedding, hey that is still great! Just keep in mind that the fluidity of a classic wedding is harder to alter than the other two because they tend to have many more vendors and moving pieces for everything to flow properly!

All in all I hope you have fun in whichever wedding you choose!


Photography for Intimate and

Emotive Stories

If you want to have someone photograph your story, while you are free to feel and create memories then send me a message!