5 Reasons why you should Elope

January 19, 2022

So you are unsure why you want to elope? Then this is the right place to start researching and seeing if eloping is the right direction for you. I always encourage my couples to decide for themselves what type of wedding they want to do. Eloping is great for some and not others. Here are my top 5 reasons why you should elope!

  1. You want to have a day just for you and noone else. 

You want an intimate and private day. You want to create a day that is all about the two of you, so you can do what you want. No need to have approvals from anyone, no need to put on a show. It is all about the love that you two have created. 

  1. You want to go somewhere epic. 

Sometimes when planning a wedding, and you start adding up things like the time to get ready, be at the ceremony at a certain time, pick a venue close to all your guests etc, it kinda limits the places that you can go to get photos. Most clients that have a regular wedding only have about 2 hours for photos, that really doesn’t give you a lot of time if you wanted a photo by that waterfall that you met? 

So clients that elope also choose to go somewhere extra special. That might be renting their own air bnb and having photos at a nearby provincial park, flying somewhere like BC to get photos by the mountains or even keeping it local at city hall but going to all the restaurants and dessert places you actually want to have. 

  1. You don’t want traditional

If you aren’t a fan of the traditional wedding day things: first dance, walking down the aisle with your guests, doing things at a certain time and a certain way then eloping is for you. You can choose to wake up later, and have an afternoon ceremony, and stay up and see the stars. You can choose to be intimate with your partner and not have to please all your guests because it’s about you. Eloping is the perfect way for you to have the perfect day that doesn’t have to be traditional one bit if you don’t want to. You are able to strip away everything that the wedding industry has pushed onto couples, and basically find the right way for you to celebrate your uniqueness and love. 

  1. Steering clear from Family Drama

A lot of couples also decide to elope because of family. While some couples love the idea of being around their friends and family, others that idea alone can cause a ton of stress and anxiety. So why have a regular wedding when you can spend a day just the two of you, and focus on your intention and love for one another, rather than dealing with your family drama? 

  1. Save money

Elopements aren’t cheap but they are definitely cheaper than buying food for 200 guests. The great thing about eloping is that you can spend the money you want on your wedding vendors, you can spend money on doing cool shit- like wanted to go 4×4 in the desert on your wedding yup you can do it! You want to hire a personal chef! Yup, you can do it! Do you want to buy that dress you actually want because you don’t have to do it cheaper to fit the bigger wedding budget? Go for it! 

These are just some of the few reasons to elope! I can guarantee you have your own personal reasons to elope. However, these are some of the main reasons people choose to elope. Beyond having a killer photographer with you on your day, AKA me, eloping should be a consideration if you at any point feel as if any of these reasons apply to you. Always choose you on your wedding.