Arlington Hotel Wedding

August 27, 2020

Annabelle and Brad: Star Wars aficionados and total goofballs with a mix of romantic personality. Our relationship began after I booked their wedding, and planned their engagement session at Dundurn Castle. From the get-go, Annabelle said “ I just want that giggly, fun totally us pictures”, and my response was: “Well forget that I am here and your personality will shine.” And with some prompts that is what we did. 

A cloudy day makes for perfect smooth light. And the town of Paris makes a quaint background for wedding photos. This makes the Arlington Hotel the perfect venue for an intimate and fun wedding. You get the gorgeous river flower beside the venue, beautiful brick backgrounds and an amazing hotel to do getting ready photos. 

When you get two people coming together that can literally make each other laugh by staring at each other, you know their wedding will be full of sense of humour and excitement. You would also know that their friends and family would have the same type of personality, which made this wedding one hell of a ball. Getting ready was a blast, with their uncle visiting all to drink some hooch, and their wedding party being silly and helping them get ready. I am there to capture it all. 

The first look was just outside the hotel, and I had Annabelle come and surprise Brad. Brad was so nervous, you could just see it in the way he moved left to right while he was waiting for her to come out. We explored the quaint town of Paris, did photos by bridges, walked to pizza shops and jumped around like a bunch of six graders. 

The space that was available for the ceremony and reception is extremely warm and cozy. The brick wall and florals made the space seem warm and happy overall. This venue has a lot of capability to be changed into different spaces. 

Since they did a first look, everything from the ceremony to the reception end was just constant candid moments. Moments of sisters crying, grandmas hugging friends, parents getting emotional and one hell of a party. Being able to document weddings without interruption really helps me hone in on those special moments that happen all the time. 

Letting loose and being able to feel all the feels, will make you have a super-strong connection to your wedding photos. It would be an absolute shame for you to try to suppress emotions (especially during the ceremony- ie. crying because it ruins the makeup), because looking back you might forget about that! So feel free to always let all the feels out! 

We ended the night (well I did- they kept going) by doing a super cool night shot with smoke bombs. Right outside on the street we went, in hopes of not getting hit by cars, and praying that it turned out…well it did. I also threw in a little special Star Wars composition…because why the hell not. It is your wedding day!