Cozy Backyard Jewish Wedding

August 26, 2020

You would never guess that the moment Kristin called me inquiring about her wedding day, that it gave me the giggles. I don’t know what it is about backyard weddings that always gives me joy and jitters. I could say it is the connection to childhood or the feeling of home that you see when you photograph the couple, and that fact they feel so comfortable in the space. 

Rain drops in the air and a superb vintage feel is what really makes this Jewish backyard wedding so phenomenal. Keep scrolling to see how even on cloudy days, you can still have amazing wedding photos.

From the moment I met Kristin and Ori at the Starbucks I could tell their love story wasn’t ordinary. From their constant trips to Costa Rica, and their funny sense of humor (example their excitement over a hilarious photo of them peaking from the side of a tree like a bunch of cute nerds), they were an absolute pleasure working with them. I mean you can see their love just the way they reacted when they did their first look, and how strong of a family connection they have. It was a rainy day in July, however, that didn’t stop them from having the best day ever. They got married under a beautiful tent, decorated with greenery under their chuppah. And even though I had a limited set of backgrounds as we did all their photos in their home, it didn’t mean they couldn’t be special. 

When the decor is right, and emotions run high, whether is rain or shine, you can for sure know that the pictures will turn out stunning. 

After they said I do and broke the glass, and you could hear their friends and family cheer for them as they walk down the aisle. Thunder was heard a few kilometers away, signaling that very soon the drops will hit the tent and make that beautiful noise that makes rain so beautiful. We walked around their property and took gorgeous pictures in a rented vintage car that just fit their theme just perfectly. And when they looked at each and laughed, their giddiness was completely visible. 

When choosing to do a backyard wedding, you have to absolutely remember that weather is a huge factor in the look and feel of your photos. And that when dealing with outdoor spaces, you sort of have to roll with the punches! Meaning, oh shit, it’s raining when we are supposed to do portraits, let’s do the cocktail hour and see if it stops later, let’s sneak some pictures during sunset. 

The reception was also extremely special, from family heirloom gifts handed down from family to the groom to the maid of honor singing their first dance, and one hell of a horah this wedding is definitely one for the books. And its mystical charm full of typewriters, and old telephones brought magic and class to a small country backyard wedding.