Kelso Conservation Area Engagement

April 14, 2020

I absolutely love Kelso Conservation Area as a spot for engagement sessions or proposals. The park is located in the upper west area of Milton. The area offers a variety of options for backdrops for your pictures. This park is also recommended for use between late spring and late fall as Kelso becomes Glen Eden a ski resort in the winter. You will also have to pay an entry fee to get into the park which helps with the conservation of the trails and the area. It also helps keep the park less crowded which means fewer people around you, and a more intimate session.

So what makes this place so special? The park has two main areas the lower lands and the upper lands. The lower section of the park includes lots of trees, small hills with views of the beautiful escarpment and a lake. Depending on the time of year the lake has higher or lower levels of water. Late spring or early summer are good for lake area images. That area also has a boardwalk and some interesting wooden buildings you can use as a backdrop.

The upper area is about a 15-minute hike up to the top of the escarpment from the parking lot. Depending on the time of year (and construction) you might have to go through a tunnel or a tower bridge to get to the hill side. It is basically a straight shot up to the top. The top has hiking trails that actually connect to Crawford Lake Conservation Area and Rattlesnake point if you wanted to go there. You get access to those parks with the fee you paid. The hiking trails up above are fairly wooded. But the nice thing about the top is that you get really close to the escarpment and can get really incredible images with it in the background. You also get great views of the Milton area from the top.