Polaroids on your Wedding Day

April 7, 2020

Polaroids are just such fun. I mean that is how I describe them. Fun little objects of joy. And because I love them so much, I wanted these joyful items to also be a part of your wedding story. There is something so just magical about them.

With our digital age, tangible photographs are well I would say 99% never seen. Unless you are a little crazy like me, a person that prints in bulk every 2 years for an album, I would say most people don’t ever print anything. And, that makes me sad. 😭

So to make me less sad, and to make you happier I include polaroids in all my wedding collections. The magical aspects of polaroids are that they offer instant gratification same as a digital photo, but it is a physical gratification. You can touch them, feel them, share them, sign them, and put them on your wall immediately. 👌

I feel so happy when I deliver these puppies to my clients. It makes me full of joy. And even though maybe for you-these might not be your fave or what you want; creatively they are objects of happiness. Because no matter what, you will feel an immediate connection to them since it was an object that was a part of your wedding day.

I shoot with various cameras. The classic Polaroid One Step Camera from the 1980’s that uses Impossible Film. And I also shoot with Fuji Instax Mini and Wide that uses Fuji Film. However, I am thinking in the future because people LOVE the square format, and because I like the fact that the Fuji film is more stable, I might get the square Fuji Film Camera so that it is the best of both worlds situation.

Here are some of the photos of clients that I have photographed with a camera!