Georgetown Wedding Photographer

March 30, 2020

It is hard to put into words the location of where this wedding was because most of this wedding was in family properties in the Georgetown area. You know, the kind of places that are in a rural farmhouse in the middle of the boonies that just scream: I am home. And that is what this wedding felt like from start to finish, a collection of moments and feelings that brought you to that feeling of being home. That feeling that being with the people that you really and truly care about is all the matters.

Trisha is an amazing lady, full of love and laughter. Her way of being is infectious, and her friends truly love her for her. Getting ready was with all the gals of the family; her mom being so happy and her bridesmaids being all silly. Not all getting ready photos have to be so elaborate, these were a collection of images that just represented what happened, what emotions were going on, where it was happening and the memories to be remembered.

The ceremony was at a little church called St. Stephen’s Anglican Church. This little Anglican church was old and tiny. But when you went in you just felt that ancient power surrounding you. Even though I am not extremely religious, I really appreciate and admire places of adoration because they feel like a place of power. The ceremony was short and sweet, and emotion. Trisha and Dustin were so giddy and excited!

They went to a friend’s property nearby for their photos of their wedding party and themselves. For them, it was the break they needed from their family to truly have a moment for themselves to take in what happened. I always love it when couples really embrace the day and a day of union and celebration. And more often than not, they forget to truly spend some quality time with each other. The photos with their friends were silly, fun, and completely representative of country life.

The reception was a simple tent wedding, but full of laughter and great food. One hell of a party and a dog that wanted to be a part of the party.