As a married person and a person that works from home trying to keep a healthy lifestyle and the romance alive is something I deal with daily. What I did not expect is my husband to be in my office space and with me 24/7 during the Corona Virus because of self-isolation. Trying to not kill each other can now be considered “the daily”. So in order to combat that, I mean besides trying to bother the shit out of each other in a healthy way, here are 10 Silly “Dates” that you can do at home during self-isolation!

Date 1: Pillow Fight- Prize: You decide!

My husband and I have done pillow fights and I always lose. But don’t you ever want to get back at them? Don’t you ever want to say fuck it let’s kill each other? 😛Pillows are the way to go. Release some pent up energy or anger, attack each other and maybe win a prize? Can be something sexy, or dibs on choosing the next pick for dinner, or what show to binge next that maybe your partner isn’t 100% set on. 

Date 2: Nailed It Challenge!

Odds are you have enough ingredients to do some sort of Nailed It Challenge. And if you have not watched this on Netflix- please stop reading this and go now please and binge what is one of the greatest cooking shows ever. Nicole Byer is a goddess that needs to be fully appreciated because of the way she comically responds to the final products.

So now that you are back from watching Nailed it, you can do a fun little cooking activity with your partner. Pick a item to replicate, and see who did it the best. You can keep it simple, do cupcakes or cookies and see which is better compared to the original. And the loser- well has to post it on social media to share with your friends. 😂

Date 3: Make a gift to each other and present it to your partner

Set yourself a time to create the best gift you can give to each other. What does this mean? Look around your house for crafts or whatever you got (I dunno noodle art?) and make a beautiful present and give it to your partner. Trust me you will kill time and you will either get super sentimental or laugh your head off at the creations you made. 

Date 4: Karaoke Day or Night

Who says you need a karaoke night when you are stuck home ALL day? Find your favourite Disney songs or Bob Marley tunes and get singing enough to bother your neighbours. Everyone will love you and your vocals will be beautiful enough to even surpass Adele’s. 😇

Date 5: Fill a jar with things needed to do around the house

Not necessarily a date per se- but it could be a fun way to connect with each other (or could go in another direction). Either way, this is a great idea if you have a ton of work to do at home and hate doing it alone or feel as if your partner is not putting in their weight. Every once in awhile pull from the jar of (things we need to do but never do and don’t ever want to do (example: clean behind the stove or deep clean the microwave)) and do it together. You can easily accomplish tasks and maybe feel as if you are supporting each other more and therefore reconnect. The more of these you do the more support you will feel. 

Date 6: Build a Pillow Fort 

Remember when you were kids and you did these to hang out with your friends. Well, spend an evening building something cozy, get some wine and snacks, and cuddle with each other. This will be a great experience to see how you two want to build your fort together and then after so much wine you might want to take this activity to the next level if you know what I mean. 👌

Date 7: Love Scavenger Hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt for your partner. You can write notes telling them where the next one will be and in each note you can write something nice about them, or why you love them. This is a really nice activity (you can do it for each other) as it gets you moving a bit, you get creative and it’s fun to look for things! Take it to the next level if you can plan ahead and Amazon yourself some little prizes! Maybe some toilet paper rolls or hand sanitizer!

Date 8: Classic Netflix and Chill

Pick your favourite tv shows, or movies and binge and eat some beautiful snacks. And obviously do lots of chilling. 

Date 9:  Night Club Time!

Set up some virtual dates with your friends through Skype- get some tunes going, and dance with each other. Get sexy, get groovy, sweat a little and drink a little. Maybe bring back the times where you were single and bring on those moves that got you your significant other. 

Date 10: Have Lots of Sex

If I haven’t been clear already all these activities can be turned to our most primal needs…and realistically who cares we are all adults. So enjoy yourself, get creative, get romantic, take it back to the early times in your relationship, try something new. Just have fun! 

Easy Dates Extras: 

  1. Go for a sunrise walk to revitalize yourself relationship with fresh air
  2. Order in from your favourite restaurant
  3. Read a book together and talk about it
  4. Plan a vacation for 2021 to get excited 
  5. Play a Boardgame together
  6. Stay in bed kind of Day! 
  7. Do some exercise together like yoga, aerobics, running and crossfit
  8. Do a puzzle together
  9. Bring back the Christmas Lights and get romantic
  10. Learn and new skill together

Let’s connect! I am available for at-home sessions or outdoor sessions if you want to be 6 feet apart! Just because we can’t be in groups doesn’t mean you can’t get some great photos! Don’t let the romance end because you feel like you are stuck at home! Just get creative or pick one of the ideas above!