March 11, 2020

Paradise Banquet Hall Wedding

Paradise Banquet Hall is located in Vaughn, Ontario. This venue is honestly amazing if you want a wedding all in one place without having to worry about where to go for photos, what decor you want or what food to choose. It is the perfect all-inclusive venue for you needs. However, halls are not for everyone, this one, in particular, has some charm that others don’t have. It has a beautiful little bridge and columns for photos or wedding ceremony. Which makes the location interesting and more unique.

The actual gardens are not very big, but they are big enough to photograph wedding parties of 10 people or so without feeling tight of space. The columns and little gazebo also offers great spots for photos. Nearby if you do not want to do your photos here, is Black Creek Pioneer Village, Boyd Conservation Area and Kleinburg which has the McMichael Art Gallery.

The hall is also close to the highway and major hotel chains. Which makes it super easy for your guests to find accommodations and stay nearby in case you get happy during the reception. Overall this venue was great and highly recommend!