June 20, 2019

Vendor Spotlight | Interview with Open Sky Weddings

I met Amanda Chapman the first time in Jamaica at one of her client’s wedding. Lo and behold, we have become friends and I photographed her Brandi and Kevin (soon to have a link here) in Jamaica this past April. The rest is history and she has been an amazing connection and business relation. If you are the type of couple that is looking for that wedding planner that is unconventional, fun and off-beat she is definitely your gal. Here to tell you more is Amanda Chapman from Open Sky Weddings. She is based out of Scarborough, Ontario but serves all of GTA, Ontario and worldwide.

What is the name of the Company?

Open Sky Weddings

How can couples reach you?

Website:  www.openskyweddings.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/openskyweddings

Phone: 647-465-2850

Email Address: amanda@openskyweddings.com

What is it that you do?

I’m a wedding planner who enjoys working with easy-going couples that are looking for authentic wedding vibes. Open Sky Weddings is based out of Toronto but we love traveling and exploring new, unique spaces in and out of the city/country.

How did you end up starting Open Sky Weddings?

I started the company as Under Open Skies with an intent to do outdoor only weddings. I have always been incredibly inspired by nature and wanted to work with adventurous couples that liked being outside. Unfortunately, the unpredictable and limiting Canadian weather made this vision a bit unrealistic.

When I changed the company name in 2017, the timing couldn’t have been better. The name Open Sky Weddings reflects the limitless possibilities. I started focusing on inclusiveness, uniqueness, and authenticity. I want my clients to know that they don’t have to feel obligated to have a traditional wedding, but can express themselves and be as creative and quirky as they are.There can be a lot of expectation and pressure around wedding planning I want couples to know that no matter what details they want, I will support their decision. If you want to have a Zelda wedding, have a Zelda wedding!

Wedding planning truly tugs at every one of my heartstrings. I needed an outlet where I could grow; where I wouldn’t stop learning. And something where I could be creative.

What inspires you to be a wedding planner? What inspires you to work at your company?

I am mainly inspired by the couples I work with. I love finding ways to include their personal touches, unconventional ideas, and ways of doing things. Nature is always a huge inspiration. When I’m feeling unfocused or lacking creativity my garden can always bring me back.

What is your booking process?

I always suggest we book a meeting first. I think it is really important for all 3 of us to be there. Even if it has to be over Skype, we need to ensure we are a good natural fit. By the end of our meeting, we should have a clear understanding of your needs and wants, as well as how we could work together.

If we are not match, that’s okay!

What is the average spend?

Most couples decide to go with the Month-Of Coordination package which includes two meetings and day-of coordination. We strongly recommend adding a meeting or two throughout the year to refocus and get clarity on what should be done next. This gives us time to discuss details or challenges and prioritize your next steps. Our 2019 Month-of Coordination fee is $1200 + $120 for the two extra 1 hour meetings.

We are there on the day to handle the important details, guide the day and assist with anything that arises. Ask me about this and I’ll share my favourite stories. Knowing that someone is handling all of the details can be such a weight off the couple’s shoulders. Trust me, I know!

What is the number one tip you would give to a newly engaged couple?

Book your major vendors first. I see many people get fixated on small details, not giving themselves enough time to decide on and work out the larger, more important details that can be a bit more time sensitive. If you’re planning a wedding, make sure you give yourself time to make bigger decisions first and get those bookings out of the way.

If you were to marry or marry again, what vendor/item/location could you not live without?

Honestly, I could not have lived without the photographers at my wedding. The calmness I got from them is something that I strive to provide for all my couples. They were so incredible!

Final thoughts!

When planning a wedding, communication is key! You will be juggling a ton of opinions, emotions, personalities, and challenges; which will make being clear, very important. You got this!