Vendor Spotlight | Interview with Blair Nadeau Bridal Adornments

April 9, 2019

This next vendor is absolutely amazing at what she does. Based out of Brampton, her shop boasts of hundreds of beautiful handmade items. Intricate, romantic, and absolutely unique. So unique in fact she has had pieces published in multiple wedding magazines and even been in TV! I am happy to introduce my friend Blair, owner of Blair Nadeau Bridal Adorments. I know you wanna know more! So check out the interview below and let her tell you!

What is the name of the company?

Blair Nadeau Bridal Adornments

How can couples reach you?






What is it that you do?

Bridal Adornments & Veil Designer

How did you end up starting Blair Nadeau Bridal Adornments?

My background is in Fashion Design. I graduated with a Bachelors of Design from Ryerson University and immediately started working in my field upon graduating. I always knew that I wanted to be my own boss one day. However, I wasn’t sure if clothing was where I wanted to end up and have my own clothing line. I was fortunate with my second job out of school to work directly with manufacturers and got to travel to Europe on trend and buying trips. When I went to London the first time, it was a few months before the Ascots and I were wandering around Selfridges on Oxford street. This is where I stumbled into their hat boutique. I discovered the Fascinator for the first time. I was overwhelmed by the swirls and twirls of fabrics and feathers and was in complete awe.

At that moment I decided that I wanted to learn the art of millinery. I came back home, started ordering in feathers, hat bases, combs, etc and started playing and teaching myself millinery. I launched my first collection “Feathered by Blair Nadeau” in 2009. This began with selling feather headbands to friends and family. A few months later a friend approached me and asked me to make one of my feather pieces in Ivory for her wedding, along with a birdcage veil.

After that, more friends that were brides were starting to take notice. They began ordering ivory pieces and birdcage veils and then their friends and so on and so forth. I realized that in 2010 there was a real niche for this market. Etsy was still in its infancy, bridal stores were still offering the same traditional items and handmade was really becoming a thing. I then left the Feathered brand behind and jumped feet first into Bridal. That was 9 years ago and I haven’t looked back.

What inspires you to be a designer? What inspires you to work at your company?

I’m inspired by my clients first and foremost. That first bridal client is the reason I’m doing what I do today, so she really inspired it all. I have so many of my best sellers that were inspired by custom designs. This happened by listening to my brides and what they were looking for and struggling to find on the marketplace. I’m inspired by my talented friends. My makeup artist Maya, challenged me to create shoulder necklaces and they are now my best seller. I’m inspired by nature, by travel, but music and books. I really try to draw inspiration from everywhere.

How can customers buy your products?

I have three methods of selling my products. My biggest avenue is through Etsy and my own website. I have customers from all over the world and have shipped to almost 50 countries. Through my online platforms, orders are placed, each item is then handmade to order and shipped.

My second platform is through my showroom. The showroom is located in Brampton. My local brides will visit for a sit-down consultation to try on designs and discuss custom work. I have had clients come from across Canada, USA, Sweden & Germany to visit the studio to see the products in person. We always welcome our clients from around the world! The showroom is by appointment only. Upon completion of the consultation, we will send out a quote to begin the order process. Orders are then handmade to order (this is where most of our truly custom work happens). They are then picked up from the showroom (or shipped based on location) upon completion.

Our third method is through our retail partners. We have a few bridal and millinery retailers in Ontario and Quebec that we work with seasonally. Some of these locations carry our Millinery and offer these items exclusively – they aren’t available in our showroom. Others carry some of our seasonal collections and some best sellers. None of our retailers carry our entire range, just a few pieces that they feel are best suited to their customers. These items are ordered directly through our retail partners and we then make those items to order.

What is the average spend?

Our average spend can be anywhere from $50 to $1000. It really varies on the client, what they are buying, if they want ready to wear or if they want something custom. If they are buying just for themselves, or for their entire bridal party. I find online the average spend is about $200 and it is usually for 1 or 2 items at most. For local clients, the average spend is around $500 and it usually 2-4 items +.

What is the number one selling product you offer?

I have a few number one selling products. My best selling veil is my Amanie Pearl Veil. I was one of the first to enter the marketplace with a scattered pearl veil in 2017. This has been my best selling veil since it’s inception. My best selling earrings are the Rae Pearl Drop Earrings. I had noticed that there were lots of single pearl drop earrings, but not double drop earrings. I filled that need in the marketplace and they have been my best seller since.

My best selling crown is the Millicent Crown. Millicent Crown was one of the first brass leaf crowns on Etsy in 2016. It has been a best seller since. The crown has sold well with both local, Etsy and my website customers. It is also my most photographed piece. It’s funny, ALL of my best sellers incorporate pearls. I have found that my brides gravitate more towards pearls, then crystals.

What is the number one tip you would give to a newly engaged couple?

Take your time with your planning process. There is no race to the finish line. Enjoy the time you have being engaged and don’t try to please everyone. This is YOUR day, no one else’s. Don’t try to make everyone else happy, just make yourselves happy. Remember that you are marrying each other and all other details aside, that is the most important thing.

If you were to marry or marry again, what vendor/item/location could you not live without?

I am currently engaged (going on 2.5 years, see above, no rush). We haven’t really put any plans in motion. All I know is that I want it to be a destination wedding. It will be in Mexico or France and very small and intimate. I want each person involved in the process of my wedding to be important to us. My ring was designed by a friend. My dress will be made by a friend. I would love the photography to be captured by a friend and so on and so forth. Ideally, the people around and involved in the wedding will have meaning and be a part of our lives before and after the wedding. I’m blessed to be in this industry and have so many talented friends and colleagues.