Ten reasons why you should do engagement photos

March 21, 2019

Engagement sessions are a crucial part of getting to know my clients. We meet up, we hang out and we take some photos. This makes all of my clients feel relaxed and prepped for their wedding. On top of that, they are super fun and they act as a way for me to figure out what prompts and actions I can do to create more genuine interactions. Here are the top ten reasons why you should always do an engagement session:

1. They reduce your stress level around professional cameras

Do you have nervous jitters? Well, engagement sessions allow you to relax and figure out why you might have anxiety around cameras. When shooting your wedding, 70% of your day is shot candidly. However, after doing an engagement session you will know what it feels when there are cameras around you. Therefore by doing so, you will know what to do and be less stressed and more relaxed.

3. Better Pictures at your wedding

More relaxed means better pictures! If you are more relaxed, your wedding photos will turn 100 times better. You will see that your photos will always turn out more genuine and candid. This is because you will know what to do instead of always staring at the camera for every photo. You will also feel at ease knowing that the engagement photos turned out amazing and you will feel no worries.

3. You will have more fun on your wedding day

It is 100% guaranteed you will have fun on your wedding day with me. (Because it’s me… haha). I find a lot of my clients after spending 1-1.5 hours with me hanging out and getting some photos they tend to have more fun and feel themselves.

4. You get to share some amazing photos with your family and friends prior to your wedding day!

Do you want to show off how awesome you guys are? (because you are!) An engagement session will let you show off your personality and relationship with your family and friends. It might be enough to get those other friends of yours wanting to propose!

5. Engagement photos are great for a cool canvas or printed guest books

The fifth reason why you should do engagement photos is that it is a real wow factor seeing a large image of the two of you at your wedding. Secondly, it is beautiful to see a guest book full of professional photos of the both of you. You can also use them for Save the Dates and other fun favours for your wedding.

6. It is an awesome way to visit a place you always wanted to do

Wanted to go to Elora Gorge or go to that cafe down the street you’ve walked by a few times? Engagement shoots are a perfect way to go and explore with your significant other. It is awesome to explore new places while getting epic photos. It doesn’t get any better really.

7. Engagements are very short lived

By doing an engagement session you physically capture that time in your life that is very short lived. On average engagements last anywhere from 13-18 months, sometimes even less. With wedding planning and all the events that you have to attend, it can go by in a flash. Doing engagement photos will allow you to remember that amazing time in your life.

8. You can get your hair and makeup trial done and get something out of it.

Have you wondered how you can plan your hair and make-up trial and actually use it for anything? Engagement sessions are the perfect opportunity for you to show off that hair and makeup and see what it will look like on your wedding day. It allows you to make any tweaks to your look by actually seeing how it will appear on camera. Thus, you will also feel really great knowing you look your absolute best and that will shine on camera.

9. We get to do creative shots that we might not be able to do for your wedding

As a photographer, we crave using our creativity to enhance your images. That maybe be a simple positioning to get better light to going a bit more daring and using smoke bombs. Creating creative images is our addiction and your engagement session allows us to be more creative than at your wedding. We can do this because you are more relaxed and we have more time in our hands.

An epic location also allows us to enhance your engagement photos! If you wanted an adventure session we can plan that for an engagement session because maybe your wedding is in the city and you want awesome shots in nature. This is one of my favourite reasons to do engagement photos!

10. Most of my wedding collections come with a free engagement session!

So it is a no brainer to do them!

We hope you enjoyed the top ten reasons why you should do engagement photos!