Le Select Bistro Wedding in Toronto

March 10, 2019

Rene and Krista had no idea when they first met, that it would one day turn into a beautiful Le Select Bistro Wedding in Toronto. These two amazing people have chemistry like no other. When I first met them in their apartment in Toronto, I could see it in their eyes that they have a true bond. On the day of their wedding, I started at the groom’s parents’ apartment. Rene has a twin brother who was his one and only best man/groomsman. They wore these white tuxedos which only a man like Rene can pull off. You know, the kind that has this giant sense of confidence. They both looked like total badasses.

Heading towards the bride, I went to their apartment. She chose beautiful tones of purples and greens for her Le Select Bistro Wedding in Toronto. Her mom and grandma were there. It was so special. We did the first look in their backyard. It was full of emotion and afterward did the formal photos there. Surprisingly, the little area was cute, had a lot of character and we managed to sneak into this house for some beautiful photos in the stairs. Next, we headed to downtown Toronto, for the ceremony. However, we stopped at Bathurst Bridge that overlooks the city for some photos. We got caught in the rain, and we ran like idiots haha.

The ceremony was simple yet beautiful. They had their closest friends and family for this intimate wedding at Le Select Bistro. Shooting weddings like these always feel so warm to my heart. They did a time capsule where they asked guests and family to bring something for them to open years down the road. I thought that was beautiful. In addition, the food at Le Select Bistro was amazing and their day was elegantly perfect.

Let Select Bistro is an amazing venue located on Wellington Street in Toronto Downtown. This small but delicious venue is perfect for small weddings under 50 people as their space is very intimate. You may also host your ceremony there in their patio. However, this venue is small, so I highly recommend you do not max out on your guest count as it can feel a little squishy. The patio is very pretty as well and has lots of natural light flowing in which makes for a beautiful spot to do your ceremony. You can also do your dancing there and the painted wall makes for a unique feature.

Nearby you have a lot of great spots for couple portraits in the city. You have King Street nearby which is really cool for a modern city look. You also have the Bathurst Bridge and the Stackt Market walking distance as well for some killer views of downtown, minimalistic dark vibes and awesome alleyways.

The food at the Le Select Bistro is french inspired. I have been there for weddings, brunch, and lunch and all I can say is whatever they make is a match made it heaven. Whatever you choose for dinner for your wedding is gonna be delicious! And finally, their wine is amazing, they have a huge selection and you can also access their cellar for cool photos later in the evening!